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Charity is a crucial part of society. Making a donation or taking part in any other type of charity program helps to create a difference in someone else’s life. Most of us love doing charity.

It was the dream of the NSPL Family members and the Director’s to add cultural value in society besides adding value in steel and to contribute to its maximum. The P.B. Charitable Foundation Trust is the fructification of that dream. PBCFT Donate Lacs of Rupees for charity purpose.  The director’s of the NSPL has constituted Trust to with major objectives as:

  • To help poor, widows, handicapped, orphans, old aged, mentally retarded and under privileged section of the society/community.
  • To run/operate different types of education program/schools like formal, non-formal, pre-school for the education development of under privileged children of the society/community.
  • To establish, build or manage Hostels, Short Stay Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Shelters, Creches, child Care Centre or Children’s Home, Counseling Centers and Help Line Centers for Women, Children, Old aged persons, Drug addicts and needy persons.
  • To establish, maintain and run Schools, Colleges, Social service center, Industrial Training centre.
  • To establish Training Center and allied education institutions.
  • To establish Cultural and Social Institutions.

  • To bring, publish and sell, disturb books, periodicals, leaflets, brochures, papers and also to open and maintain libraries, reading rooms for the promotion of the weaker sections of the society.
  • To function as a Non-communal Trust and as a secular organization.
  • To establish centers for employment generation.
  • To acquire and maintain the movables and immovable properties for achieving and said objects.
  • To advance any other objects of general public utility.
  • To confer title on eminent personality in the field of science, education, literature, etc.
  • To establish the colleges to impart education in the area of higher education especially the emerging field like, Electronics, cultural trust for the benefits of all persons belonging to whatever community irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion, the Trustees shall stand possessed of the said amount of corpus endowed by the Authors of the trust and such other properties (both movable and immovable) as may be acquired from time by the Trust, by purchase, exchange, grant, allotment, subscription, endowment, donation, contribution, or in any manner to whatsoever (all of which shall be designed as Trust properties ) on the Trust herein mentioned.

Trustees / President / Managing Trustee

 S. N.  Name  Designation  Address


 Mr. Subhash Kumar Agrawal

 Author & Trustee

 402, Ekta Enclave, Civil Lines, Raipur, (C.G.)


 Mr. Jaiprakash Agrawal


 Derolia Bhawan, Saraidella, Dhanbad, (Jharkhand)


 Mr. Mamanchand Kariwal


 5, Park Street, Choubey Colony, Raipur, (C.G.)


 Mr. Prabhash Kumar Agrawal


 Purana Bazar, Dhanbad, Jharkhand


 Mr. Sajjan Kumar Agrawal


 Purana Bazar, Dhanbad, Jharkhand


 Mr. Ashok Kumar Agrawal


 5, Park Street, Choubey Colony, Raipur, (C.G.)


 Mr. Vikash Kumar Agrawal

 President & Trustee

 402, Ekta Enclave, Civil Lines, Raipur, (C.G.)


 Mr. Manish Kumar Agrawal

 Manager & Trustee

 402, Ekta Enclave, Civil Lines, Raipur, (C.G.)

MRF, Chennai Medical Research Foundaiton


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